The Spring 2018 Program

The J.A.B. (Join A Band) Session

​Wednesday May 9th at 7PM by invitation only!
This is where band mates meet each other for the first time, talk about the weeks ahead, get familiar and discuss the music they're interested in playing together. Members will have to pick a band name and select the songs to play.

Rehearsal #1

Tuesday May 15th at Studio Base Bin from 7 to 9PM
The first rehearsal will be for practicing the songs you've selected as a band. Each band gets a fully equipped private rehearsal studio. Songs selected can be original material or covers. It's your choice. Each week your band will be coached by one of Montreal's best pro musicians. We also supply beer and pizza during rehearsals cause we know how hungry and thirsty rockers can get!

Showcase #1 - Your First Gig!

Wednesday May 16th at Resto Bar Le Pionnier from 8 to 11PM
This is the first showcase, where the bands play live on stage for the first time and receive instruction from a coach in a group format backstage. It's a safe environment, it's forgiving, and it gives you the chance to build confidence.

Rehearsal #2

Tuesday May 22nd at Studio Base Bin from 7 to 9PM
Back at the rehearsal studio working through the feedback you received from coaches and working toward your second showcase!

Showcase #2

​Wednesday May 23rd at Calistoga Grill from 8 to 11PM
The second showcase where the bands play live on stage. Again the bands receive coaching backstage after their set.

Rehearsal #3

Tuesday May 29th at Studio Base Bin from 7 to 9PM
Back at the studio for the final rehearsal. Bands get coaching and put the finishing touches on their set for the Final Showcase!

Recording Session (Optional)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday May 25-26-27 at various hours at Planet Studios
A four hour session where you record your best song. You will lay down bed tracks, overdub solos, and vocals and then go to final mix, all in four hours at Planet Studios!

Final Showcase!

Wednesday May 30th at Petit Campus from 8 to 11PM
The final showcase is at an amazing venue. It's open to the public, and family and friends are invited. This is the pay-off for our members and it is a whole lotta fun. $10 at the door gets you in and we always have some great door prizes and rafffles!