Brian Greenway

April Wine “stole” Brian away from his part time forklift job and added him to the group in 1977 during the recording of First Glance. A versatile performer, Brian’s raspy voice adds a distinct edge to the background vocals and provides perfect harmony with Myles’ equally distinctive lead vocals. Brian’s main duties are guitar and backing vocals, but also contributes to the song writing. Look for his Attic Dust Solo Show and Brian Greenway's Blues Bus at a venue near you!

Simon Daigle
Daigle has been playing the bass guitar for more than 20 years. In 2009, at a national competition sponsored by Hartke, he was crowned one of the three best bass players in Canada. As a "Warwick Artist", Daigle is aiming for the international scene by pursuing his musical career in studio, on stage, and in the classroom as a teacher.

His first album Quand On Bass received great reviews and his second album entitled ManBass was released in 2016.

Corey Diabo

Corey has been honing his craft as a guitar player since the age of 11 years old. Playing in numerous high school bands led to early bar and club gigging experience, which led to joining Jonas and the Blues Blooded. The new partnership soon led to recording and touring under the Jonas name, resulting in a Gold Record and a tour with Van Halen.

Six albums later, he is a founding member and co-writer with Jonas & The Massive Attraction!

Roy Nichol

Roy started playing drums when he was 15 years old in local bands around Cornwall, On. Learning songs from his favorite Rush and Zeppelin records. That was 38 years ago. Since then Roy has performed in several rock Bands and tribute acts. Roy has been playing exclusively with SamHill since 1993. For a 2 year stint some of the boys in SamHill became Raised On Radio, a tribute to Journey. Roy came out from behind the drums to be the lead vocalist with his uncanny vocal impersonation of Steve Perry.

Lately besides being the new drummer in April Wine, Roy is also the head engineer at Dreambuilder Studios.

Boogie Cindy

Mega funk & disco fan, leader and bass player of the Boogie Wonder Band, she has been traveling the world from prestigious clubs in NYC to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, to very exclusive events and festivals in Hong Kong, Japan, South America and Europe. She has performed over 3,000 shows in front of millions of people.
Able to combine her bass playing with her stage presence and choreography, she always puts on a fun and entertaining show.

Kevin Jardine

Kevin is the kind of guy you want to spend time in the studio with. He has the know-how of a 20+ year career with his band slaves on dope, touring the USA, Canada and Europe and amassing over 100k of records sold. This also includes 3 world-wide record deals with Divine Recordings (Priority Records), MCA Records, Rocket Science and currently The ILS Group. Kevin's strengths lie in production and songwriting, taking the artists songs to the next level, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the band.

Nanette Workman

Workman sang backup vocals on "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and "Country Honk", tracks from The Rolling Stones' 1969 album Let it Bleed, as well as on the Stones' 1969 single, "Honky Tonk Woman". She also worked with John Lennon and Elton John. In April 2000 she was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, the same year “Roots n Blues” was released.

In 2005 she released the album “Mississippi Rolling Stone” and in 2012 she released “Just Gettin’ Started”.

Dawn Tyler Watson

Singer/Actor/Songwriter Dawn Tyler Watson has earned her place among Canada’s Blues elite. Born in England and raised in Ontario, she adopted Montreal as her home after earning her BFA in Jazz Studies and Theatre from Concordia University.

An accomplished and dynamic performer, Watson’s fiery stage presence has earned her national and international recognition. Between gigs, Watson gives clinics & facilitates workshops, while working with some of the city’s finest musicians.

Carolyn Fe

Carolyn continues to push the envelope and stretch her artistic talents into a singing/songwriting career. Her current band is Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, which was founded in 2008.​ She possesses the deep soul of an artist who has lived on the fringe for most of her life, and made the most of it, as the true innovator she is, giving her performances on stage, in front of the camera, music and lyrics an insight and depth that cannot be imitated.


Aldo Mazza

Aldo Mazza is the founder and artistic director of the KoSA International Percussion Workshops, Drum Camp and Festival, and is a member of the internationally acclaimed percussion ensemble Répercussion. He is an internationally recognized drummer, percussionist, recording artist, composer, clinician, and educator.

He is also an accomplished editor, producer, event organizer, and publisher.